Some of Completed Projects in Technorad Zarrin Company

No. Contract Case Purchaser Recommendation or contract number
1 100 tanker 31,000 Lit. manufacturing Azarab industries Co. F1817857
2 Soda transporting tanker Kalaynafte Tehran Co. PRE-21180-TS/N201
3 Unerground tanker Kalaynafte Tehran Co. EPP-53831-SR-NO1
4 Warm water coil for warehouses of Yazd Kalaynafte Tehran Co. EPP-31203/RT
5 Lenses of under pressure tanks Kalaynafte Tehran Co. RTD-S286/RT
6 Floating head Kalaynafte Tehran Co. 55-90-7310400095
7 Oil Removal Kalaynafte Tehran Co. REP-40361
8 100,000 Lit. Nitrogan tanks Kalaynafte Tehran Co. REP-20275
9 Paraziline and metanol evacuating system D.M.T Co. M-A/244
10 105 sets industrial booth Djanbazan Foundation 3201/12/320/12560
11 20 sets moveable tankers KhorousheRaad Transportation 76291
12 90 sets moveable tankers Pars Tir International Transportation 76417
13 31000Lit moveable tanker Khash Sement Co. 7714
14 Acid transporting tankers Esfahan Defence Industries 77116
15 Acid transporting tankers National Iranian Excavating Co. 33-06-1363007
16 Pressed air tank Khouzestan Steel 750323
17 Oil removal and condensate polisher "Abadan Refinery"
Azarab company
18 Manufacturing portion of boiler pieces of 2th phase of sugar cane Azarab industries Co. 52/707/4766
19 Designing and manufacturing of three tanks Lorestan glass Co. 80104
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